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Basketball Schedule 2017 – 2018

Game Time:  4:30 p.m.


First Day of Practice             First Round of Play              Second Round of Play

October 30                           Boys Game First                      Girls Game First


              November 16                                        

ATMS             at      NAMS

SAMS             at      NERMS

SWRMS          at      SERMS

UMS               at      RMS


              November 20                                        

NAMS            at      SERMS

NERMS          at      UMS

SWRMS          at      ATMS

RMS                at      SAMS


              November 21                                        

SAMS             at      SWRMS

SERMS           at      RMS

UMS               at      NAMS

ATMS             at      NERMS                                                        


              November 28                                        

RMS                at      NAMS

NERMS          at      SWRMS

ATMS             at      SERMS

UMS               at      SAMS                                 


              November 30                                        

SWRMS          at      RMS

SAMS             at      ATMS

SERMS           at      UMS

NAMS            at      NERMS


                December 4                                         

RMS                at      NERMS

UMS               at      ATMS

NAMS            at      SWRMS

SERMS           at      SAMS


                December 7                                         

SWRMS          at      UMS                                   

NERMS          at      SERMS                               

SAMS             at      NAMS                                

ATMS             at      RMS

               December 11                                        

NAMS            at      ATMS

NERMS          at      SAMS

SERMS           at      SWRMS

RMS                at      UMS


               December 14                                        

SERMS           at      NAMS

UMS               at      NERMS

ATMS             at      SWRMS

SAMS             at      RMS


               December 18                                        

SWRMS          at      SAMS

RMS                at      SERMS

NAMS            at      UMS

NERMS          at      ATMS


                 January 4                                           

NAMS            at      RMS

SWRMS          at      NERMS

SERMS           at      ATMS

SAMS             at      UMS


                 January 8                                           

RMS                at      SWRMS

ATMS             at      SAMS

UMS               at      SERMS

NERMS          at      NAMS


                January 11                                          

NERMS          at      RMS

ATMS             at      UMS

SWRMS          at      NAMS

SAMS             at      SERMS


                January 17                                          

UMS               at      SWRMS

SERMS           at      NERMS

NAMS            at      SAMS

RMS                at      ATMS

Middle School Basketball Tournament

Jan. 29, 30 at Higher Seed

February 2 – 3 at TBA