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Wrestling Schedule 2017 – 2018

Weigh-In Completed:  4:30 p.m.


First Day of Practice                                                 Scrimmage Dates

      October 30                                                November 9, 13


              November 16                                        

Asheboro         at      ATMS

SERMS           at      SWRMS

RMS                at      UMS

NERMS          --       Open


              November 20                                        

SERMS           at      Asheboro

UMS               at      NERMS

ATMS             at      SWRMS

RMS                --       Open


              November 21                                        

RMS                at      SERMS

Asheboro         at      UMS

NERMS          at      ATMS

SWRMS          --       Open


              November 28                                        

Asheboro         at      RMS

SWRMS          at      NERMS

SERMS           at      ATMS

UMS               --       Open


              November 30                                        

RMS                at      SWRMS

UMS               at      SERMS

NERMS          at      Asheboro

ATMS             --       Open


                December 4                                         

NERMS          at      RMS

ATMS             at      UMS

SWRMS          at      Asheboro

SERMS           --       Open


                December 7                                         

UMS               at      SWRMS                              

SERMS           at      NERMS

RMS                at      ATMS

Asheboro         --       Open


               December 11                                        

ATMS             at      Asheboro

SWRMS          at      SERMS

UMS               at      RMS

NERMS          --       Open


               December 14                                        

Asheboro         at      SERMS

NERMS          at      UMS

SWRMS          at      ATMS

RMS                --       Open


               December 18                                        

SERMS           at      RMS

UMS               at      Asheboro

ATMS             at      NERMS

SWRMS          --       Open


                 January 4                                           

RMS                at      Asheboro

NERMS          at      SWRMS

ATMS             at      SERMS

UMS               --       Open


                 January 8                                           

SWRMS          at      RMS

SERMS           at      UMS

Asheboro         at      NERMS

ATMS             --       Open


                January 11                                          

RMS                at      NERMS

UMS               at      ATMS

Asheboro         at      SWRMS

SERMS           --       Open


                January 17               

SWRMS          at      UMS                                   

NERMS          at      SERMS

ATMS             at      RMS

Asheboro         --       Open

Middle School Wrestling Tournament

January 27 at Providence Grove