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January 7-9 NC Check Ins January 17 - End of Semester January 20-22 - Holiday + Workdays
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Friday, January 03, 2020
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Hello Huskies! We are reaching the half-way point for this school year. It’s important that all assignments are turned in to teachers as the semester ends this Friday. Parents, please also look for NC Check Ins reports this week to learn more about how your child is progressing in reading, math and for eighth grade students, science. Credit by Demonstrated Mastery (CDM) materials are due by January 31st. CDM allows 8th - 11th grade students to opt out of certain courses based on proving that they are already proficient in the subject. Early college applications are due to counselors by Friday, January 17th. Our World’s Finest Chocolate sale begins on Tuesday (January 14th). To participate students must return a signed permission slip or note from a parent. Permission slips were handed out on Friday. See the permission slip for more information about prizes such as a trip to the money vault for students selling three or more boxes of candy. We appreciate your support of fundraising efforts. Students turning fifteen should check in with a counselor about driver’s education opportunities. This week basketball will be at home on Monday, January 13th and Thursday, January 16th. Monday, January 20th is a holiday while the 21st (Tuesday) and the 22nd (Wednesday) are workdays with no school for students. Winter sports photos are scheduled for after school on Thursday, January 23rd. On Saturday, January 25th the wrestling tournament will be held at Uwharrie Ridge. The basketball tournament is set for beginning on Monday, January 27th. Report cards will be issued on Wednesday, January 29th. Tentatively semester awards programs are scheduled for the afternoons of February 5th for 6th grade, February 6th for 7th grade and February 7th for 8th grade. We wanted to give you those dates in advance but please be aware that should we miss school due to weather or other causes we may have to make some adjustments. Finish the first half, strong, Huskies, on the road to success. January 7-9 NC Check Ins January 17 - End of Semester January 20-22 - Holiday + Workdays