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Mrs.  Suzanne  Elizabeth  Strelko
6th Grade Science
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This is my 35th year in teaching!  I've taught just about any subject, and hold a degree in elementary education, middle school education, specializing in language arts.  I am also certified Academically gifted, and am a reading specialist.  The College of New Jersey, and Florida State University, is where I studied and received my degrees.  I have taught in the states of New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Florida, and North Carolina.  I love living in the state of North Carolina which I have now been a resident of for 26 years.


Over 30 years!


Welcome to Mrs. Strelko's Class!

This is my second year teaching science, and  love the subject!    My homework policy is very simple.  If you did not get it finished in class mostly because of the class being talkative, then it will be completed at home that night and due the next day.  After a test, your child will bring it home in a folder.  If they scored less than 80%, then the test will need to be signed.  Anyone who returns a folder the next day gets two paw prints!  

All missing work needs to be completed weekly in order to avoid being ZAPPED.  Our team has chosen to have our ZAP day on Wednesday.

Please check on your child's supplies often.  Glue sticks and pencils often disappear in short order.  If you would like to donate those items to the class, we would greatly appreciate them!  Tissues will be another necessity soon with the cooler weather upon us, and allegry season in the spring.

Please encourage your child to choose reading material that interests them, and to read everyday.  I do have a wide assortment of reading material available for check-out at any time.

Please feel free to contact me during my planning period (1:00 - 2:50), or anytime through email.